Useful links

Here are some useful links that I can personally recommend.


Web hosting

First up, I cannot say enough about the good service that I received from my web hosting service. I was really negative about creating my own site, and they made it so easy for me to do. 

So, if you need a good host with good service facilities and at good rates, then click on the name below. 


 Control line Websites:  Stuka Stunt Forum – Good stunt forum  Stunt Hanger Forum – Good forum for all C/L stunt plus electric forum  Claudia Kehnen’s website – Uwe and Claudia Kehnen are well known C/L enthusiasts from Germany. Claudia’s website has many photo galleries, video’s and links.

Local shops: (with some C/L stuff)

  Al's Hobbies (Alan & Juanita Smith)– Tel: 011 892 1084/011 026 3313